Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have discovered Etsy. Someone hide my credit card!

It’s been a while and I just know that you all have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of my wedding adventure. What do I have in store for you today you ask? Will it be words of wisdom? A humorous anecdote? A subtle jab at society? 

It’s hair.

Yes you heard me correctly; I am going to talk about hair. Boys you are excused. See, next to the dress, and the shoes, the next vain, somewhat shallow concern of any bride is the hair. Fortunately, for me my Step-Mom is a hair stylist and my sister/Matron of Honor is the best untrained hair stylist I know. My hair is going to be rockin’ folks. My dilemma was not how to do my hair but rather, what to put in my hair.

The trend it seems is to go for something shiny, glitzy and glamorous. I am opposed to shiny. Not only because it does not go with the simple yet pretty look I am going for, but because my loved ones are easily distracted. The last thing I need is for my future husband, half my wedding party and guests to be staring distractedly at the sparkling beacon atop my head.

Have I mentioned the cost? David’s Bridal wanted $100 dollars for one fake crystal and pearl encrusted comb. Now I know how they sell those dresses so cheap.

I began perusing websites took for something I could pin my hair back with. One of my good friends, Christy who is aside from being one of my bridesmaids-of the-married-sort, is a phenomenal artist, suggested I try Etsy. Etsy for those of you that don’t know is a website that allows crafters and artists of all types to sell their merchandise to people from all over.

After seeing some of the prices for hair clips, barrettes and combs at many of the stores I typically shop at I decided to give it a try. I was a little apprehensive about the quality of the products once they got to my house, but I figured I wasn’t having luck finding what I wanted elsewhere and I gave it a shot.

After only a few minutes of searching I found a shop called BohemianBlossom owned by Cassie and Kayley. They specialize in making flower hair clips. I immediately found a set of sunflower bobby pins that my sister the Matron of Honor thought would be cute. I was so excited about the purchase that I actually forgot to pay for them after placing my order, but Cassie was very understanding and even sent me a little gift. These girls do great work. The pins look exactly as the picture depicted and they are very sturdy.

Now I will have something unique and handmade to wear on my wedding day, and any other day, because they aren’t over the top I can wear these baby’s any where and everywhere! Thanks girls. :)

Did I mention I saved a CRAPLOAD of money?

I must say, if you have not been shopping on Etsy you have to give it a try. They have everything! It’s my new favorite place to shop!

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  1. I love Etsy you can find such great stuff on there and as for the hair clips. I love them! You are right your friends (Especially me and Court) are very distracted by shiny things, so you made the right choice.