Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm short, but my Wedding Dress Shouldn't Be

I just dodged a bullet, kids, a big fluffy bullet in the shape of a wedding dress that would have ruined everything, at least momentarily. My shoes came in, and or course they were not what the picture made them seem. This is exactly why I hate ordering any type of clothing or show over the internet. They are still adorable, they still work, but they are not flat like we thought. This was a problem because Tuesday, I got my dress pinned for hemming on the assumption that they were, in fact, flat.

We called David’s Bridal, even though Mom was sure that the small lift in the shoe wouldn’t be a problem. One Saturday, we went in and tried the dress on, and that my friends, is when we discovered that the dress was not one inch too short as the shoes might imply, but a full four inches too short. When I sat down, my calves showed. No one knows how this happened. The only thing that I can figure is that when they pinned it on Tuesday I was tired, I was barefoot and I had CP

Luckily, on Saturday, I was no longer tired or barefoot. But I still had CP. My Superhero of a seamstress, Willamena, pinned the dress again, this time so that the hem touched the floor. She had me walk a few steps and stop. The dress was magically, shorter on the left. Mom reminded me to stand up straight and I reminded her that although I knew what they meant my CP didn’t. Willamena pinned the short side again and asked me to take a step. Now, the right side was short. At this point we were laughing and wondering how this could be happening.

Finally, Willamena decided that we needed to hem it long, and in stages, in order to avoid disaster. We all agreed that this was the best plan. I already was starting to feel like the crazy lady on Say Yes to the Dress who shows up to the bridal salon so much that the entire staff knows her and her family by name, and the thought of getting in that dress at least two more times before my wedding day was exhausting; but it was better than having my dress hemmed short.

Luckily, I have 10 whole months before the dress has to be done. I am so glad that picked out a lace up dress. This limits the alterations needed for most people so all you really need as a hem and bustle. I am also glad that I listened to my own instincts about when to get the dress because I severely underestimated the amount of time that the alterations would take. Willamena, is glad I ordered my dress early too, that way she doesn’t have to secretly hate me.

Today's Lesson: Get your dress early to avoid stressful alternations appointments and make sure you have the shoes before you make any changes to the length of the dress.

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  1. I'm so glad you caught it before it caused a huge problem. I hope I get to at least see pics with you in it. :) I have no idea when I will have the funds to seriously start looking, but I hopefully have permission to share this story when I plead my case with the finance department. :)