Monday, October 29, 2012

My Grandmother's Wedding Photos

My whole life I have been told I look like my mother. I never really saw it. My twin is a dead ringer for Mom. (I know that sounds crazy because if she is than so am I right?) But there was always something just slightly different about my eyes and my mouth. On my wedding day, my Uncle Jimmy told me that I looked just like his Mom. My Grandmother. I never met her, because she died before I was born, but I'd seen pictures and knew there was a resemblance.

At Mom's this weekend, we dug out pictures of Grandma's Wedding. I thought they would be fun to post here. We really do look alike. I tried to find pictures of me in the same poses for comparison.



I don't have a comparison shot for this one but for lack of a better term it's like looking in a mirror

Isn't that neat? I think it's sad that we never got to meet. But it's funny how you can carry someone you never met with you.


  1. Holy cow! People tell me I look like my Grandma, but it's not quite like that.

  2. What lovely pictures of you and your grandmother! How nice that you share these characteristics with your grandmother, even if you never knew her.

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photo shoot. Love the wasp.

  5. You do look like your grandmother! It is amazing how many photos of you and your grandmother’s wedding look similar to each other. But, it is more impressive that the photos of your Grandmother are so well preserved and still looking great! It kinda looks like they were just taken recently, in fact!