Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forgotten Anniversaries and the Little Things

The receptionist at my work, whose daughter got married the same day I did, asked me today if Tom and I had done anything for our sixth month wedding anniversary.

My response was: "Six months, really?" after which I counted under my breath and on my fingers (math is not my strong point, okay?). She was right. Six months. Hadn't even been a blip on my radar.

Truth is we probably wouldn't have done anything anyway, be I thought I should at least commemorate the day somehow. And so I give you the highlight of many wedding receptions: the cake smash.

Here we are cutting our beautiful cake, made by one of Tom's favorite people, his  Aunt Joanne 

This is where I am reminding Tom not to smash me, I have throat issues and was afraid  I would choke

This is when everyone started to encourage us to be a little mean about it

This is where Tom succumbs to peer pressure and gives me a little smear on the cheek.

This is where I move in to exact my revenge. Tom tries to fight it.

He is no match for my CP strength!

I got him! I look mad here but that's just my weird CP facial expressions

We quickly make up and I get him looking spiffy again.

Like all good fights, it ends in a kiss. :)
 Also, this morning we had this conversation:

Tom: (after taking a swig of root beer) I LOVE root beer
Me: Do you love root beer more than meeee?
Tom: It's a close second.

We are so romanical.

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  1. LOL! I told Mike not to smash me because I'd fall over backwards like a turtle and be stuck!