Monday, October 25, 2010

In a Hurry to Wait

So my dress is here.

I am not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I am super excited because OH MY GOD MY DRESS IS HERE!! On the other, it wasn’t supposed to be here until January. Now I feel like I have all these decisions to figure out that I had been planning on putting off until the dress arrived.

Who is going to do the Alterations?
Should a wear a veil or not?
What kind of hair piece do I want?

Logically, I know that I still have quite a while to make these decisions, and that there is no need to freak out, but there is some large flaw in my wiring that prevents me from intentionally taking my time with ANYTHING. Maybe it’s the fact that I have to go so slow if the physical area in my life. Maybe it’s the fact that I leave unaccomplished what I don’t/can’t finish immediately. There is a book sitting in my room with the last hundred pages unread, framed pictures I never hung, and leftovers in fridge that I have not eaten. I had to go down to one movie at a time on Netflix because if we didn’t watch them in one night/weekend they would sit there for months. Anything, I quit or put off for more the 24 hours is forgotten for months, years, or even forever.

So, to compensate, I have developed this need to get everything done as soon as possible. I read novels in a day, and write them in a month, I plow through craft projects and shop online instead of waiting for a ride to the store. I get mad when other people slow me down or tell me to take a break or sleep on it. Sometimes, this works out, like with my dress, or my first set of engagement pictures which were taken in April, other times I sacrifice the quality or enjoyment of things because I was in such a hurry.

I could see this flaw in me being something that might turn me into a bit of a monster late in the game. We are planning on hand-making the center pieces, the favors and other things and I know I am going to have to talk myself down and keep myself from staying up for days on end to finish in one sitting, and to bite my tongue when people take their time doing things to help me as well.

I need to take a breath and remind myself that the wedding is still 10 months away. There is no reason to let a shop with poor reviews alter my dress just because it is faster and easier. I have the time to look up some local places, to call for quotes. I can decide on a veil or hair piece later instead of paying $65 dollars for a barrette. This really feels unnatural to me, but I know it is the better choice. So I am going to try. I am going to go make sure my dress fits and that I like the color, and then I am going to start figuring out the rest. I hope that I do not regret this decision. I hope that it does not backfire and that I am not freaking out two weeks before because my dress isn’t right or I never found a veil, if that does happen, duck.

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  1. That sounds like the women I know... at for those center pieces I'll help you out with them I did go to school for that at one point! lol