Friday, October 19, 2012

My First Pinterest Experiment: Anniversary Photo Shoot

I always have these grand ideas that never amount to much of anything. I am not sure why this happens. I could be laziness of my part. I mean sometimes I am just so tired, my ideas just take so much work and my bed is just so damned comfy. My Pinterest boards are full of recipes and craft ideas that I will probably never get around to actually trying, but it’s comforting that they are there in case, someday, I find myself rich and rested with oodles of free time.

Once in a while though, I do get things done. I have, so far in my adult life completed a few projects or goals, including:  my college education, the first draft of three novels (please don’t ask about the revisions), ten quilts, a wedding and now, drumroll please, my first Pinterest pin.

Now, there are those of you that do this every day who are probably not impressed with that last one. Then again, you probably don’t find things like jumping or skipping to be impressive either, and I am quite amazed by those things. The rest of you who might be impressed are probably hoping I stop babbling and just tell you what I did.

Here it is:

It’s an anniversary picture where you take a picture of the two of you holding a picture from the year before. Cute Right?

Well it took me a full month after my anniversary, but I got my friend Martha to come over and snap a few pics for us. It was quick and painless. Although, Tom did have to shave a bit. (If you can believe it.)

By the way, are those shirts not awesome? The logo and shirt are the brainchild of a company called 3ELove. If you have not heard of 3ELove before I enourage you to check them out. It’s a great company with a great message.


  1. I think I might have to steal this idea now. =)

  2. Are you going to wear the "Proud" t-shirts every year?

  3. I wish if there were something similar about the idea of deafness... Happy of reading news from you!

    1. Your the second person to mention that. You should create something!