Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remembering My Wedding Day: My Sister's Speech

Tom is smiling. He smiles a lot when he is
uncomfortable.An example would be when he is
trying not to cry in frontof 250 people.
As you can see he is much better at masking
his emotions than I am. Yeesh!
I am the writer in the family, my sisters love to read but neither of them conciser themselves writers and usually come to me for help when they need to write anything important. For my wedding, I asked both my sisters to be bridesmaids, but my twin, Angela was my matron of honor and therefore had to write the speech. She was absolutely panicking for months, and then one day, my maid of honor, who was helping Angela plan my shower and bachelorette par sent me a text that said, "I just heard your sister's speech, I cried." Turns out that Angela had nothing to worry about. Her speech was beautiful and it turned everyone into a blubbering, sobbing, mess. Including me. I meant to publish it here to share with all of you right after my wedding but things got away from me, and now it's been a year. I just stumbled on the speech today and decided that it didn't matter. It's still worth posting and deserves to be shared with the world. So here it is:

"The first thing many people notice when they meet my sister is her disability. The funny thing is, the longer you get to know her, the more you forget that she has one.

I can't tell you how many times I have gotten 10 feet away before I realize she is still sitting in the chair I left her in. Or how many times I have gotten out of the car and wondered why she wasn't coming. Its like I just expec

t her to be able to do everything herself cause she has already done so much that others have said she couldn't do.

I have kept a list in my head my whole life. This list is called Things That Seester Can Do That You Said She Couldn't. Some of these things include, riding a bike, doing a ropes course, swimming, dancing, horseback riding, finding true love, and one thing that I just crossed off today, getting married.

Becoming a Bride was the only thing that Misser ever had doubts about. Would she be able to find that one person who would see past all that she couldn't do? that one person who would commit the rest of his life to her? One that would help her when she fell? and one to help her do the things other people said she couldn't?

Up until Tommy there was only one man who could be all of this for sister, and that was daddy. Now thanks to Tommy, Misser is lucky enough to have two men in her life that will love her unconditionally.

I have known Misser longer than anyone else in this room, and I can tell you when I look at her I dont see the girl with the disability. I see my Seester, My Misker-Roo. My wonderful, loving, caring, funny, supportive and know-it-all twin.

I see a Beautiful Bride"

It still makes me cry! I Love you Seester!


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