Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is me endorsing Another GREAT product for absolutely No Money Whatsoever...

I am a lazy wife. It’s true. Sometimes, I feel bad for my husband. Other times, I remember that it is 2012 and if he wanted his socks folded, instead of thrown haphazardly in a drawer, he would do it himself. When we first got the house I was the-best-little-wifey-in-the-world, laundry was always clean folded and put away, I changed the bed sheets once a week, dishes were done nightly and things were dusted; but I was also working only part time and I wasn’t even engaged yet. I had so much more motivation before I knew he was stuck with me for the long hall.

Now that I’m working and I have picked up a few more hobbies, and a husband, I’ve let the house slide a little. I’ve tried everything to keep up: assigning a day for cleaning, making a chart of a few things we could do every day, but living just keeps getting in the way. Usually, I leave things until I go batshit crazy, we have guest coming over or we run out of clean underwear; whichever comes first.

For the record, let me just say that my house doesn’t look like an episode from Hoarders or anything but as we speak, I still need to do laundry from our trip this past weekend, there are dishing in the sink, and the living room could use a dusting and a vacuuming.  But you know what is clean? All my hard surface floors. And do you want to know why they’re clean? It certainly is not because I excel at mopping.  I have found yet another little gem that makes my life just a little easier.

It’s called a Mint. I found it on Facebook, in one of those ads on the right hand side the no one really pays attention to (except me apparently.) This little guy is awesome. He can sweep and mop any hard surface floor automatically! All you have to do is attach the reusable cloth, set it on the floor and turn it on.
Sounds too good to be true right? Well it isn’t. I have 4 cats and a dog that are all shedding like crazy right now, and the mint sweeps up all the hair better than I ever did with a broom. I used the mopping feature for the first time last week, because Tay got mud prints everywhere. I set it up and was a bit skeptical, but when I came back half an hour later the mud prints were gone! I wanted to kiss it. After that I knew I had to blog about it so that anyone else who was struggling could get one too.

Here is a video of the Mint in action:

Even Oliver the cat loves the Mint

The Mint is pricey, around $200 but sweeping and mopping were the most difficult chores for me and although Tom did help when I asked him to it didn’t get done as often as I wanted it to, so for me it was worth every penny.
A word of caution though, don’t expect to get much else done while the mint is running. It’s just too fun to watch.


  1. I like how Oliver watches it and hides from it at the same time.

  2. Yeah, its funny. He follows it when it's going and runs when it's coming.

  3. Bed Bath & Beyond has it too, which means one could use a 20% off coupon they always send out. I already told Tony I'm getting one once I am working again, because I can afford it then, I only have hard surfaces, and I won't be home to sweep/swiffer multiple times throughout the day. All sorts of win.

  4. We have a roomba, but it's not so great for my tile. Thanks for the heads up, again. (: