Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Service Dog Training Update: A Service Dog Has Gotta Look Fly.

I know what some of you are thinking. No really, I do. It’s this skill I have. You’re thinking that I have done it again, I’ve dropped the ball, and now you’re waiting patiently for my excuse which will probably include, “it’s not my fault; I have CP.” Because let’s face it, you guys let me use that s@$! for EVERYTHING.

But guess what friends, family and adoring fans? You are wrong.

Don’t act so surprised. It happens a lot.

Taden’s training as a service dog is going slow, but it is coming along. We are practicing what she knows and trying to get her to focus and be a bit less distractible. I am convince she has Doggy A.D.D.. The reason I have not posted is because we haven’t had anything exciting happen.

Until now.

My sister also loves to sew, she is much better than me, mostly because she can use both hands and she is not nearly as afraid of failure as I am. (I am pretty sure that’s a compliment.) She even has her own small business going called Kierabelle Designs. At the beginning of my training adventure, I commissioned her  to make a vest for Taden, similar to those worn by formally trained service dogs, so that she would be recognized as a service dog in public, and so that she would be better able to assist me in standing up off a low seat, which is something I hope to work on.

Last week, I got a very exciting package in the mail.

Showing of her vest and her "sit" "wait" skills. Which get better all the time

Taden actually doesn’t seem to mind it too much. I am breaking it in slowly, having her wear it for just a half an hour a day for now. We will gradually start to add time as her tolerance increases. We are also testing it for bugs so that we can keep improving the design.

If your pooch is interested in having a vest of their own contact my smart, talented and beautiful twin sister over at Kierabelle Designs.

In closing, my I present the pup with the longest tongue in the world:

Graceful she is not, but you gotta love that face!
Also, I created a facebook page for Disability and I do. Check it out if you are on facebook!


  1. Omg that tongue is outta this worl! How adorable!

    Btw i didn't doubt you cuz of CP, i doubted you cuz of procrastination and just being generally spazzy :P. but i'm definately impressed that you are doing it!!


  2. She did a great job :) I just liked her FB page too. Such a gorgeous dog you have.

  3. Melissa.. what a terrific blog.. I've linked from Robin's blog... by the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress.. what a lovely gift you have!!! Enjoy!!! Robin's mom - Debbie