Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update on Training and More New Projects

My back hurts. Isn’t that fascinating? I don’t know what it is, but back pain has been almost a constant in my life for about six months now. I am not a fan. On Sunday, I apparently broke myself while doing the dishes of all things. The rest of the evening was spent, crying and being carried and helped off the toilet because I could not stand up. At least I’m back at work. For the last two days I have been at home, whining. My back still hurts but I have gotten over the pity party and moved on. I am sucking it up like a boss. It’s one of my best skills. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to be fitted for a new wheelchair. I will hopefully see my doctor and be able to ask her about the pain. If not, I have to make an appointment. Yippee.
That’s enough of that, yes?

Taden is coming along in training okay. As usual I am sort of slacking, but all the snow and rain isn’t helping and then the back issue. I did finally get around to teaching her “Wait.” She used to charge passed me up the stairs which is sort of dangerous.  I trained “Wait in order to get her to wait patiently at the bottom while I go up.  As usual she learned it fast, but I did have to climb up and down the stairs 16 times on the first night of training before she waited until she was released. (She kept charging up as soon as I hit the top step, instead of waiting until I said “Okay.” I think our next thing needs to be eating on command. This dog is notorious for her strange eating habits.

Last night, Tom shouted from upstairs: “Why did Taden bury her food in my clothes?” This is not unusual. She often hides bits of her food and then later after she eats the rest of it will go hunting out the rest. Only sometimes she forgets. Other days, she won’t eat all together and never once has she eaten as soon as I put the food down.

I am not sure how to train this; my training books talk about over excited dogs, but not dogs that just don’t care much about their food. (She is fine medically, I’ve checked.) Does anyone have a suggestion?

In other news, I am taking a quilting class. I took one a few years ago and made this lovely quilt for my bed:

I made one more quit after that and started on one for my lovely Seester, but I didn’t finish because I got all wrapped up in the wedding. Signing up for the class motivated me and I finished the blocks on Saturday before my back started to hurt:

This one has a few obvious errors. The pattern was a little difficult for me. I picked it after being told it was hard because Seester loves stars! It goes fast but require perfectly straight cutting and sewing and since I sew one handed (I have to use the other to work the peddle) this is really hard. (The cutting I have no excuse for, I just suck. LOL) Seester is an awesome seamstress, so I am a bit nervous about this one!

I am making the next quilt for Charles. In this class we are actually doing two so the other will go in my spare room. or give it to Tom. Then, I have requests from Stephy and my youngest nieces and nephews! Classes are Wednesdays so I will try to do my quilting update on Thursdays from now on. I know, you’re terribly excited.  


  1. Regarding getting Taden to eat, have you tried different dog foods? He may just not be a huge fan of his kibble. You may also try mixing something he likes in there (cheese?) Or, there's the IQ ball!

  2. I have tried mixing cheese in (She loves cheese!) but she picks out the cheese and leaves the kibble for later. LOL! I have not tried a different food, that's a good idea.

  3. Love your quilts!
    Some sewing machines have a start/stop button that can be used instead of the pedal.... next time you are shopping for one :)

    1. I have heard of those. I want to try one. Do you have one? Do you like it?

  4. I'm not sure on dog size (we have a german shepherd) but we mix a can of cat food (the small one- fancy feast size) in completely with the dry which seems to work well. If she's smaller maybe split the cans? The ONLY time she's ever eaten when we put the food down was when she was on steroids for a weird skin disease from the lake.

    1. My Mother-in-Law mixes soup in with her dog's food. I might try it. Right now, I am trying to solidify her basic obedience. Thanks for the suggestion. :)