Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best. Day. Ever.

Well, here I am 11 days married and I am just now updating my blog. Hard to believe it’s over. It’s impossible to really describe that day accurately. It was filled with laughter and tears of joy, with feelings of complete and utter happiness, with friends and family and it went by so fast.

I know only two things for sure:

  1. I love Tom more now than I ever knew was possible.
  2. The reason why there is so little information on brides with disabilities is that when the day arrives it isn’t a factor. If you have spent any time being a person with a disability, you will get through the day just like you did the day before and just like you will do the day after.

I do have a few observations, for those of you who are interested:

  1. Remember my entry about the shoes? Read it. Love it. Live it. Especially if you walk at all. I was on my feet A LOT more than I had planned on and was grateful that I had gone with sneakers and not dress shoes.
  2. In addition to talking to your Photographer about what photos you want taken, talk about poses. My photographer knew me and my disability and worked with me accordingly, but if you don’t know your photographer he will need to know what works best for you.
  3. Corset dresses may leave bruises. I am now sure these dresses are not meant for sitting. I had to keep standing because the boning on the dress cut into me when I sat down, After 15 to 20 minutes I had to stand. Keep this in mind when shopping the dress never hurt at any of my fittings.
And now, a few pictures of the best day ever:

Here I am, walking down the aisle with the best Dad in the whole world. I used one crutch and used him to support my other side. My other crutch was at the front and I used that one for the walk back down. (my crutches have a left and right.) My wheelchair was also up front just in case, but I did not use it.

Just after the "I Do's" when everyone starting clapping. Neither Tom or I cried but I am pretty sure everyone else did.

OMG! We're MARRIED. Just after the I Do's!

This is just to show my wrist corsage. I did not carry my bouquet down the aisle. It was too heavy. I thought that might happen so I asked the florist to make me a wrist corsage as well as a bouquet. It was the perfect touch!

This is what we did with the bouquet. My mom added the cover to my chair in case I needed to use it during the ceremony. We removed it before the real dancing started, but it looked really nice.

Just a fun picture. We thought it was funny.

Me and Stephy. Without her I may have lost my mind in the planning process. I think she was more frazzled than me on the wedding day though.
This is just a cool shot my friend took of me dancing. You can see my hair pins in this photo.

Tom and I during our first dance. My legs hurt, because I was so nervous that my spasticity was on high. He is basically holding me up in this picture.

My legs we still bothering me for the bridal party dance so Tom sat on me instead. He had never done such a thing and was afraid I would drop him. I did no such thing.

Even though the "I do" is officially done, I am not planning on abandoning this blog. I will just be writing as a wife now. It's a whole new adventure. Hang on tight!


  1. Yay! So happy for you!

    Welcome to the wheelie wives club.

  2. aww it was a beautiful day :) I'm so glad I could be there... my gf is married lol..
    love you... your wedding was one of the most fun ones I have been to ever for sure, but it was because everyone was there to have fun and celebrate and not concerned about anything else besides :) LOVE

  3. You looked amazing and so happy. Congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations Melissa! Beautiful photos. Looking forward to your blog as a married gal!

  5. Wonderful! I must go find that shoe post...