Friday, August 12, 2011

Dancing with Myself? Hope Not! :)

Seriously I meant to have only a few days between my posts. Why is time going so fast? I have been quite busy in the last week I have:
          Purchased the gifts for the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and our parents
          Made appointment for my hair and nails (Stephy did half of this one, Thanks love)
          Made Tom and I appointments to have our hair cut
          Scheduled a wreath making date
          Picked songs and met with the DJ
I booked our DJ last year, mainly because I knew that 9.10.11 would be a popular date but also because my family lives for weddings. Not because we like to get dressed up, or because we are suckers for romance, it’s because we love music and we love to dance. To me music is right up there with photos. I did a lot of my DJ research online first and actually only interviewed two. The first worked with a friend of mine and although he seemed nice his prices were high and he was young so I was worried that we would end up listening to a lot of club music. I hate club music. Me and club music don’t jive; I either stand there making small jerky rigid movements with my whole body or people think I am having a seizure. It is not pretty and wearing a wedding dress won’t make it any prettier.

David, the second DJ I met with was older, so I knew he would have a lot of the 60’s music we love, and I had seen him play at my cousin’s wedding, so I knew he was good.  His price is awesome too and there was no restriction on the number of hours he was there. I booked him immediately.

Yesterday was the first time Tom had met him, things went well and we nailed down the details for our big day. Of the songs we would play for all the big dances, Tom and I are dancing to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis, my dad and I are dancing to “You’ve got a Friend” by James Taylor and Tom and his Mom are dancing to “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Tom seemed comfortable with our DJ too, which is a huge plus because he is so picky about people.

Another plus: Tom seems to be coming to terms with whole dancing thing. Ironically, even though he is the more coordinated of the two of us he is the one that is most dreading the dancing. We have been together five years, have attended several weddings and never once has he agreed to dance with me.

I try hard not to take it personally, after all, it is about his stage fright and has nothing to do with me, but I have always equated being asked to dance as the ultimate form of acceptance and despite attending many dances in junior high and high school I was never asked to dance. Not once, not even out of pity.
In college I had my chair, so dancing with me was less intimidating, as long as I stayed in my chair anyway. I didn’t experience my first without the chair slow dance until Junior year when my boyfriend at the time took me to the President’s Ball at my college. Other than my father and my best friend (neither of which count) I have not had a "real" dance since then.

The more I think about it though, I am sort of glad that Tom and I waited (me rather begrudgingly) to have our first dance at our wedding. We have been dating five years and don’t have many firsts left, so it will be nice to share one of those one our wedding day. It will be a nice memory. I just hope Tom can relax enough to enjoy the moment with me instead of counting the seconds until it is over. 

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