Wednesday, June 15, 2011

87 Days and Counting! Fittings, Registries, and Anxiety...Oh My!

What a whirlwind this past weekend was! Every summer, I have a party to celebrate my birthday and more importantly, get together with some of my favorite people. This year, I decided to schedule the party around my final dress fitting and some other wedding related errands, so that both my maid-of-honor, Stephy and my matron- of-honor, Angela could be present.

I have to say, I was a little nervous for the fitting. On top of all the trouble we initially had with the hem, I was also worried that I had gained some weight over the winter and that the dress would suddenly be too small. I think this is every bride’s worst fear and let me tell you, I was not happy to be part of that cliché.

The fitting went well, there was only a small problem with the bustle, and some (apparently imagined) back bulge. The bustle was pinned and fixed. The back bulge, imagined or not, has yet to be addressed. However, I am sort of hoping it just goes away on its own. That happens right?

It was decided that my maid-of-honor who has extra closet space and no children (furry or otherwise) would be the keeper of the dress until the big day. I am confident in this decision but it is a little nerve wracking to have it so far a way. She may have to send me the occasional picture message just so I can sleep at night.

The next day, we tackled the wedding registry. My wedding shower invites had gone out the week before, so there was no more putting this off. Tom had no interest in going so I (once again) called on Stephy. My Mom had expressed interest in going, but our tastes are not similar and we are both stubborn. I did not want to spend the day arguing over the pattern of my dinner plates, or whether or not I needed a new microwave (we don’t).
The registry was harder then I expected for a few reasons. The first, was that Tom and I have been living together for a while and we already have many of the items newlyweds might register for. The second, was that I suck at making decisions, especially when I have to weigh Tom’s opinion as well as my own. The third, was that my energy level has been low as of late and even with my chair I was wilting before we got out of the first store.

Despite the challenges we got it done. Sometimes Stephy would just hold up an item, I’d scan it and then ask what it was. She found this entertaining. I liked registering at Target better than Bed Bath and Beyond. Target was easier the shelves weren’t stacked as high and the aisles were wider, plus nobody bothered us. At Bed Bath and Beyond the aisles were too narrow and Stephy had to climb on things to get to the barcodes. However Bed Bath and Beyond did have more of the little things I needed so I was glad I went there. My Target registry was on the more expensive side, so I was glad to find some cheaper options so I would have a wider range for people to choose from.

I'm not sure if I have enough for everyone, so I will probably add stuff as we get closer to the wedding/after the shower. It was fun to use the little scanner picking all the perfect things for our house, it's just too bad I have to wait for someone to actually purchase the items before I can bring them home.

Believe it or not, despite the long and productive weekend, there are things that didn’t fit in. Like my hair and make-up trial. I am hoping that that gets done when my sister is up again for my shower in July. In the next few weeks Tom and I will be meeting with both our pastor and our DJ to talk about things. The wedding is only three months away now (OMG!!) so I expect my updates will be more frequent. Thanks for reading everyone!

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  1. I had a great time at your birthday shindig! But I had no idea all the other stuff you had done that weekend! Your are so right about worrying about the dress fitting--every bride I've ever known has had that "It wont fit!" freak out. I am so excited for you guys!