Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself!

I know, I know. It’s been a while since my last update. Honestly, I do feel bad. I am one of those people that get really sad when my friends start blogs and then don’t update them and I swore I wouldn’t be that girl. Alas, I am. The good news is I have an excuse, but before I get into that, I wanted to update you on one of my last posts.

I got my ring back today, and despite my skepticism the sizing beads they added work great. I have been wearing it for about an hour now, while typing and pushing my chair and it has not moved. If you have big knuckles and tiny fingers like me, give sizing beads a try.

Now, on to the excuse, are you ready?

I was tired. That’s it. Pretty boring eh? I guess it was a little more complicated than that.

See, I have this tendency; yes another one, to ignore my health. Even when there isn’t a wedding to plan and crazy amounts of things going on at work. The fact that there is a wedding and work is crazy has only made this tendency easier to justify.

For the last 6 months or more, I have been dealing with an increasing pain in my left leg and knee, difficulty breathing, severe allergies, stomach issues and fatigue. As a result I have been tired. Simple tasks like emailing a file to my maid and matron of honor or coming up with a topic for my blog seemed and were impossible. I stopped cooking, couldn’t get the laundry done and sometimes eating even seemed too hard. Mostly I went to work and then came home, sat in front of the TV and then went to bed. The last month was especially difficult.  Of course, I didn’t relate any of this to my health; instead I blamed the weather and continued to just hope it would go away on its own. Then, few weeks ago when visiting a family member in the hospital, that I had an asthma attack serious enough to scare me and I made a doctor’s appointment for the following week

My doctor prescribed me an inhaler and a chest x-ray for the breathing and some pain medication and a PT consultation for my leg; she also suggested I try a new allergy medication. I had to wait a few days to get the prescription filled, but I was feeling better almost immediately. I also tried switching to soymilk from regular milk, which has made my stomach happy. It’s funny because I thought going to the doctor would get in the way of everything I had to do, but now that I have things at least under control, I actually have more energy to get things done.

I finally got the last addresses for my save the dates and sent a list of invites to my maid and matron of honor; I emailed the DJ about music and all the boys about their tuxes. Mom and I are going to check out some flowers on Monday. The best part is that now that I have addressed the breathing and have the pain under control, I can start taking the dog for walks and get into shape for the big day.

Also, now that I am doing something besides working, sleeping and feeling sorry for myself I might have something worth reading to write about. Eventually. Don’t expect a miracle or anything.

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  1. Planning a wedding is really, really stressful! I'm amazed you can do anything else at this point. Take it easy, be gentle with yourself, and maybe you'll think back and write lots of good posts AFTER it's over :)