Thursday, April 14, 2011

Forget Diamonds, The Lifetime Protection Plan is MY Best Friend.

This Saturday was mine and Tom’s five year anniversary. Normally, we don’t go too big for our anniversary. We usually call a few friends and go out to dinner or see a movie or something. This year we decided to purchase our wedding bands.

Tom went first. Despite being the manliest man that I have ever known, he does have amazing taste in jewelry. He knew exactly what he wanted: a dark gun metal grey band with a matte finish. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that, at least not exactly the way be wanted it. Just when I thought we were leaving empty handed the manager came over and we found it! The ring is titanium with a brushed silver finish; he likes it, now he just has to wear the thing. Good thing he has five months to get used to it.

Then it was my turn.

I was nervous about this because I did not pick out a traditional engagement ring. I chose a ring that had aquamarines instead of diamonds. I did this because I don’t really like diamonds, other stones are so much prettier and because the idea of wearing two grand my finger sends me into convulsions.

I love my ring, but I was worried that because it wasn’t the type of ring that came with a wedding band, I would be unable to find one that matched and fit around the stones. In order to make this process as easy as possible we went to the same place where we initially purchased the engagement ring. I am glad that we did. Not only was the manager able to find me a band that fit perfectly, she also helped me fix my engagement ring!

I am not sure if this is common with cerebral palsy, or if I am just lucky, but my knuckles are huge. They are at least a size and a half bigger than my finger. When I got the ring sized last year I sized it smaller than my knuckle hoping to avoid the spinning but it was still too big for my finger. At the time the sales lady I saw offered no solution, I knew I couldn’t get anything smaller over my knuckle, so for a little over a year I have just dealt with the spinning.

I use my hands to get around so the spinning this caused my beautiful ring to get pretty beat up. I knew the stones were loose so I asked if I could get them tightened. I explained the whole situation to the manager and she told me about sizing beads. Apparently, they put these beads along the inside of your ring, because they are round they roll over knuckle, but then the beads will fit against you finger, minimizing the spin. The best part was that because we bought the Lifetime Protection Plan on the ring, this could be done for free. I believe my exact words were, “Yay!”

I am still a little skeptical. But I know that even if this doesn’t work, I am going to get more use out of that Lifetime Protection Plan than most people. Tom went ahead and bought the plan for my band too. It is definitely worth the investment and has already paid for itself.

I think getting the bands was the perfect date for our last ever boyfriend and girlfriend anniversary. It’s like the perfect symbol for the end of one part of our lives and the beginning of another.

These last five years of my life, of our life, have been a crazy rollercoaster of ups and downs. During the first two, I struggled through a bout of severe depression and developed a panic disorder. Most new relationships would have crumpled under the emotional stress; we made it though, because of Tom. I put him through hell those first few years, but he stuck by me through it all.

To me these rings symbolize not only the life we will have, but every moment it took us to get here as well. I am so excited to see what our next chapter will bring, I know whatever it is, Tom will be right there beside me.

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